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Our Resellers

Japan, USA, Spain, Portugal, Kuwait, Germany are the States where we have an Official Reseller.

Exclusive View

We produce our Jewellery Foulards on daily basis and our Resellers have a sneak peek of the new collections before we reveal them to the public.


Jewellery Foulards made in our Store in Pisa during the 2023


Jewellery Foulards shipped to our Resellers in 2023

20, 50, 100, 200, 500...

We have a very small minimum quantity order and we are fast in delivery the ordered items. All our Jewellery Foulards are 100% hand made in our Flagship Store in Pisa. We offer discounts for large orders of course! 🙂


First of all, thanks for your interest in collaborating with us! The quick answer is “most likely yes”! It really depends if we have already a Reseller with exclusivity in the same area.

Yes, there is a Minimum Quantity Order: in order to obtain our special prices, reserved to Business to Business, the minimum order is 15 Jewellery Foulards.

We have a dedicated contact form on this website you can use to get in touch with us. It is important to fill all the blanks, write a cover letter in the message box and explain why you would like to collaborate with us!

We produce our Jewellery Foulards on daily basis, our designers are always drawing and trying new combinations and ideas. All our Foulards are 100% hand made. Most collections are ready in 10 days for small to medium quantity (up to 100 pcs) orders. For bigger amounts it will take a bit longer.

Our Jewellery Foulards are made in our Flagship Store, located in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa in the same Store where back in 1835 the Barsanti’s Family opened to the public “La Galleria” – “The Gallery”.

The Foulards are handmade in Como, north Italy and the jewellery pieces are sourced locally.

Yes, of course! Our support team, leaded by Giovanni and Tommaso Barsanti, will be always ready to help you with all the required information. You can contact us using the contact form, whatsapp or facebook messanger, at any time, 7/7 days.

The Foulards itself, the pattern, fabric, design and colours yes, 100% identical. We can’t promise the same for the necklaces / bracelets / stones in general because being them handmade by artisans, it’s impossible to find them exactly the same every time. Sometimes the shape can differ a bit, or the color or the stone combination. But, hey, this is the beauty of the genuine handmade products, isn’t it?  

Do you want to become our reseller in your area?

Ok then! You are just a click away to send us your application!